TORTURE SQUAD ”Far Beyond Existence”

”Far Beyond Existence”
(Secret Service Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This Brazilian band formed in 1990 and have since then released numerous albums. The last one prior to this new one in 2013. And yet I seem to have missed out totally on this. Don’t know how that happened. But that has been rectified now with both an interview and now this review. If you like your metal mish-mashed then this is for you. TORTURE SQUAD mixes thrash with death in what I like to call deathrash. It is so easy to fall victim to old school South American references when listening to this but I will not do it this time. This should be judged based on present day references. And as such this is one hell of a cool deathrash album. Listening to this fells like being beaten repeatedly to the chest. Anders Ekdahl

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