“…On Chains Of Doom”
(Czar Of Crickets Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

You might by now have read the interview I did with this band. I should have done this review earlier, but something called life got in the way of doing so. But better late than never I say. I am really looking toward to hearing what TOTLA ANNIHILATION has to offer me as a thrash fan. I saw Evil Invaders live last year and that was a total thrash blast even though I wasn’t too impressed. Hearing this album by TOTAL ANNIHILATION brings back memories of that Belgian band. This is a total thrash bash. If you like your thrash hard, raw and intense then this is the band to check out. This is so bloody fun listening to that I don’t want for it to end. Thank you for the repeat button. An album that you just want to hear again and again. Anders Ekdahl

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