TOTAL NEGATION “Zur Späte Stunde: Zeiträume”

“Zur Späte Stunde: Zeiträume”
(Temple Of Torturous)
I never really got the whole Krautrock thing. I’ve tried listen to bits’n’pieces of it but I’ve never really dived head first into it. Perhaps I should. TOTAL NEGATION claims to mix black metal with Krautrock. On paper this looks like a great combo. Hopefully it will sound just as great. And not knowing my Krautrock means that I have no clue what to make of that influence in TOTAL NEGATION’s black metal. But if there ever was a suicide black metal act then it would be this lot. More burden by the pain of living I haven’t come upon in a very long time. This is the type of black metal you shouldn’t listen to on headphones when it rains torrentially. This is so depressing that you need happy pills just in order to take out the CD once you’ve listened to it. And I like it. I get off on the sadder stuff. For some reason I find comfort in the somber and dark side of music. Anders Ekdahl

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