TOTENGEFLÜSTER “Vom Seelensterben”

“Vom Seelensterben”
With a really good looking digipak in an edition of only 150 you’re lucky if you’ll be able to get your hands on this album. I’ve ordered my copy already without having heard a single not of it so it better be any good or I’ve wasted 17€ (postage included) on a piece of plastic. What is it with all these super duper dramatic intros on black metal albums? Why not just go for the throat no matter how symphonic you are. And Totengeflüster are symphonic (but not like Dimmu Borgir). Think Limbonic Art or Obsidian Gate without the mechanized feeling and you might get a picture of what this is all about. This is black metal that is both aggressive and symphonic. Perhaps what the Satan spawned bastard of Dark Funeral And Dimmu Borgir with a little Cradle Of Filth on the side would turn out to be. All I can say was that this was 17 well spent Euros. Anders Ekdahl

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