TOTENWAGEN ”Notte di Guai”

”Notte di Guai”

Battle Helm Rating

I have to say that this surprised them hell outta me. And not entirely in a positive way. Based on the name I kinda expected this to be some really cool German death metal but instead I got some Italian horror rock in the vein of stuff like Goblin and Death SS. And as much as I love Italian horror as much do I find it odd to have it in my music. But if you are a fan of that sort of Italian music you might find this so much more enjoyable than I do. To my ears this sounds like a mish mash of styles. At times it all gets a bit too much when I hear both Motorhead and a horror soundtrack mixed with progressive in one song. I am at least glad that I got to hear this band without a guitar player. Anders Ekdahl

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