Toxic Holocaust – “Chemistry of Consciousness”


Toxic Holocaust – “Chemistry of Consciousness” (Relapse Records)

Pile driving crossover from Portland! Joel Grind formed Toxic Holocaust backed in the turn of the century as a tribute to 80s punk n thrash bands so that should give you an idea of how mean his mutha of a band is. Mixing tortured hate ridden vocals a la Kreator with a ferocious neck snapping beat spawned by Discharge and dirty nihilistic riffs that could’ve birthed thrash metal itself, Grind spares us no pity on songs like ‘Rat Eater’, ‘Acid Fuzz’ and ‘Awaken The Serpent’. If that wasn’t enough of an onslaught he’s also sadistically chucked in loadsa insane diddly dee warbling a la early Death and Slayer death from above wailing solos. Toxic Holocaust may not win anything in the originality department, but as a migraine inducing mix of classic old school styles don’t even attempt to take them on. Total annihilation!

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