Toxpack – “Kämpfer”

Toxpack – “Kämpfer” (Napalm Records)
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If German street punk rock is your thing, then look no further than Toxpack from Berlin! Mixing punk with hardcore and metal, this lot have been knocking it out for 18 years, releasing 8 prior albums that included guest slots by Mickey Fitz (The Business), Roger Miret (Agnostic Front) and Gary Meskil (Pro-Pain) as well as their last release charting at no 20 in the German album charts. As such, “Kämpfer” is aptly titled meaning ‘fighter’ and is dedicated to all ‘…dreamers, kings, losers, drunkards, heroes – and those who won`t back down…’ and is some of the purest street rock out there, mixing toughness with spirited melodies to produce honest, catchy anthems that are full of heart and hope ‘…for everyone who struggles day in, day out in modern times. For everyone staying true to themselves, never giving up and who keep fighting for their dreams and goals!“. Indeed, there’s little doubting the passion and emotion inherent in the 16 songs here, all worked expertly through deep melodies, catchy grooves n beats along to Daniel Schulz’s hefty vocals backed by roaring shout outs, which goes a long way to explain the longevity of this obvious popular band. From the rocking ‘Oben’, with its melancholic vibe delivered by twin guitarists Thomas Rademacher and Erik Henning that soon fire up to bring on the punk melodies and rolling rock riffs, to the lighter punk pop of ‘Wir sagen Danke’, which soon turns out to be an anthemic singalong thanks to its soul deep stirrings, there’s no denying the rawness of the music in its mix of gritty guitars and hard back beat. But equally, the moving soul and emotion inherent in the songs along with Schulz’s voice, rough as it may be, but still reaching out to you is what does the trick. Getting faster on ‘Auf unser Wohl’, the guitars continue to wail out the rock n roll melodies while chugging out the riffs until the heart breaking chorus hits, perfectly balancing aggression with affection to stay long remembered in your mind and soul. An impressive release, “Kämpfer” is more than just about a fighter, but the heart of one…
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