Tragedian – “Seven Dimensions”

Tragedian – “Seven Dimensions” (Pride & Joy Music)
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Tragedian’s albums may not be as frequent as I’d like, but boy, when they release a record, it’s definitely a gem! Playing power metal, it doesn’t come as a surprise that they’re based in Hamburg, although their prior collaborations to Kai Hansen (Helloween, Gamma Ray, Unisonic) and Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Serious Black, Outloud) certainly get one’s attention, not to mention tours with Mob Rules, Paragon, Pagan’s Mind, Dark Sky, The Unity, Burning Point and Cryonic Temple. “Seven Dimensions” is the band’s 4th record and in addition to 9 new songs, 3 tracks are prior releases that have been re-worked, and continuing their collaborative tradition, this record features guest performances from Wade Black (ex Crimson Glory & Leatherwolf), Zak Stevens (ex Savatage & Circle II Circle) and Dan Palmer (Zebra Head, Death By Stereo). Joining them are founder guitarist, songwriter and producer Gabriele Palermo (ex-Stormwarrior, ex-Killen) along with long time drummer Nicolò Bernini (Antonio Giorgio, Blaze of Sorrow, Fogalord, ex-Warshout, ex-Icethrone, ex-Reasons Behind), who’ve recruited a brand-new line up in bassist Dawid Wieczorek (ex-Paragon, ex-Stormwarrior), keyboardist Denis Scheither (ex-Sinride, ex-Perfect Crime, ex-Eternal Reign, ex-Marco de Maurice & Band, ex-Reckless, ex-Scamander) and vocalist Joan Pabón (ex-Aphelium). Together they waste no time in proving why so many want to be associated with their bountiful talent as it bursts all over this magnificent album! Exploding in through shredding guitars and double bass drums on the aptly titled ‘Rising Rage’, Pabón’s soaring vocals immediately illuminate the song, accompanied by Scheither’s radiant keyboards dancing melody after melody into the pumping furor before the blinding neo classical meets heavy metal solo from Palermo tears you apart. But beyond their obvious power metal capability, the true talent of this seasoned group unexpectedly shines on ballads like ‘Crying In The Rain’, with Pabón’s hugely passionate singing touching the heart along with Scheither’s moving piano and as the song builds in the power, it’s emotional embrace as undeniable as its intensity. Triumphantly sounding through heavenly horns, ‘Enlightened’ gallops in through Palermo’s heavy bounding riffs and Bernini’s pounding drums while being superbly contrasted by Scheither’s melodic keyboard bliss and once again, Pabón’s abundant soul in his beautiful singing. Indeed, if you thought it couldn’t sound any better, then you’d better prepare yourself for ‘Forces Of Light’, whether in its full length 6 1/2-minute version or the radio edited near 5-minute piece, cos either way, they’re both nothing short of blinding as the tenderness in both Pabón’s flowing voice and Scheither’s delicate piano excel in every regard, never failing to enchant every nerve through their mesmerising touch. A superb release from start to finish.
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