TRAGODIA “Mythmaker”

Italian progressive metal. Three little words that gets grown men and women weeping with joy. You just gotta love the Italians. They might be sailing against the wind all the time but they sure know how to write really cool metal albums. You might have read the interview already. And out what and now you want to find out what the new album sounds like. This is progressive metal in the not Dream Theater school. I can think of a number of bands that this reminds me of but most of all I come to think of a harder Fates Warning for some reason. A really harder Fates Warning. There is nothing soft about this album yet it sits so comfortably alongside the more melodic side of metal. There is also a touch of modern metal to this, the harder edged stuff you find in for example metalcore. This is quickly became a new fave of mine. Anders Ekdahl

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