Trail Of The Dead – “Lost Songs”

Trail Of The Dead – “Lost Songs” (Superball Music)

Awesome – these guys are probably my fave US alt punk rock band of all time! With a name derived from the Mayans, formed in Hawaii and members residing across the globe from Cambodia to LA to Texas their music is equally diverse ranging from inspirational legends like Hole, Fugazi and Sonic Youth as well as estern harmonies and melodies – truly a gift from the gods indeed! Likewise, their wrath is also to be found in the unbelievable power and intensity of songs like the crashing ‘Open Doors’ or the spiraling guitar work of ‘Heart Of Wires’ and ‘Bright Young’ that will simply bounce you off the walls of your room! Conrad Keely’s adolescent vox find their niche amidst the raw guitar frenicity and pummeling ferocity of no less than two drummers! Best of all, there is a trippy feel to the songs not necessarily in the hippy sense but in terms of spiritual strength that draws both from the light and dark aspects of one’s soul – truly music from heaven that radiates an inspirational beauty showing a path of light thru the world’s tumultuousness!

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