” Demo 2018 Split LP”
(Gates Of Hell)

Battle Helm Rating

The title says it all. This is split between Canadian TRAVELER and Finnish CORONARY on which they display their respective debut demos. TRAVELER are classic heavy metal style. Listening to this I get vibes of being back in the 80s again. Both in sound and production. There is a youthful energy to this. A feeling of nothing can stop us. Finland’s CORONARY has more of a cool melodic vibe to their metal. I get a slight sleaze metal feel to this. It ain’t as cheesy as Poison or Warrant. It has more of a European feel to it. Perhaps a bit Sweden around 1985. And with a Kiss feeling too to it. Both these demos complement each other. This is an album I would buy even without having heard a single track simply because it has that cool vibe to it, and the fact that it brings me back to the 80s. Anders Ekdahl

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