Tribe Of Pazuzu – “King Of All Demons”

Tribe Of Pazuzu – “King Of All Demons” EP (Vic Records)
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Already fast making their mark through last year’s incredible debut EP “Heretical Rising” comes this equally astounding follow up from the mesmerizing Tribe Of Pazuzu – named after the ancient Mesopotamian king of the wind demons! With nothing less than a super group line up in drummer Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy, Vltimas), bassist / vocalist Nick Sagias (Pestilence, Overthrow, Soulstorm), guitarist Randy Harris (Macifecation, Porno) and guest vocalist John McEntee (Incantation, Mortician, Immolation) expect death metal excellence to elite levels of perfection on this jaw dropping 5 tracker. Tastefully taking the best of the old school from their collective experience and melding it superbly with more conventional technicality, “King Of All Demons” is darkly exotic, surprisingly catchy and needless to say, f—–g brutal all the way! Steaming in with a monstrously ominous atmosphere on ‘Summoning Rituals’, Sagias’s growling stylishly rolls in with the catchy thudding percussive beats of Mounier while Harris’s guitar is working overtime through a relentless barrage of tremolo wails, heavy chundering riffs, dark grooves and virtuoso fret board scaling – probably just to shut up all the naysayers that death metal is just for dunces! Threatening to blast beat into orbit on ‘The Burning Of Diseased Empires’, it’s more of the same but even more brutal and fast as the hooks and licks come in blindingly, leaving you with scarcely a breath as you are caught in the maelstrom of screaming solos and intense, ultra fast double bass drumming although once again brilliantly contrasted by some passionate melodic soloing arranged superbly – brilliant. Darkly grinding in on the slower ‘Crucify The Deceivers’, Harris’s slithering guitar gives way to a monstrous but ultra catchy riff topped off by the demonic roars of Sagias and McEntee not forgetting Mounier’s slick rolling double bass beats to induce nothing short of total possession by the power of Pazuzu! Nothing short of an elite level release bestowing the worship it commands.
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