TRIBUNE “Elder Lore – The Dark Arts”

“Elder Lore – The Dark Arts”
(Corpse Corrosion Records)
Canadian metal has always held a high standard. From the sappy Loverboy, the more traditional Triumph to Razor’s thrash to Rush’s progressive tendencies to today’s scene. If it’s Canadian you’re pretty damn sure that it will be of the highest quality. Not all is good though. Tribune are good and that’s an undisputable fact. This is what could be described as modern metal without it turning into any of that crap Nu Metal that Korn seemed to spawn. This is modern metal in that they mix different styles of metal to make for their own cohesive one. You get good old thrash mixed with melodic metal mixed with the death-ier side of things. This is one impressive album. One that will spin often on my stereo. Anders Ekdahl

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