TRINITY SITE “Ex Infernis”

“Ex Infernis”
I haven’t noticed it but lately I haven’t heard too much melodic death metal. It has been all ultra brutal blastings when I’ve listened to death metal. Which makes this German band a necessary break from the most horrific growling and from guitars so down tuned that the strings are hanging by the knees of the guitar players. But I’m not so sure that this would be considered melodic. To my ears this is brutal death metal. Sure there is a nerve of melody in that there are guitar solos but so much more melodic than that it doesn’t get really. But as I said it could just be me getting so used to brutal death metal that I’ve kinda forgotten what melodic death metal sounds like. So I’ll keep calling this melodic until somebody corrects me. All I know is that I like this album. Anders Ekdahl

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