TROJANS “The Blissful Hollow”

“The Blissful Hollow”

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For some TROJANS are condoms and that’s it. But for us that look a bit further than our own willies, we know that this is a really cool band that should get even more attention than they have. I have to say that I missed out on the previous stuff but as they say, better late than never. For a very long time I had major issues with music that didn’t go in 180 bpm all the time but gradually I have come to understand and like music that isn’t played at lightning speed. TROJANS are heavy and slow hardcore/metalcore/metal. As I hadn’t heard of them before I was kinda sceptical at first but like I said this is heavy and slow in a way that appeals to me. The low tempo adds a claustrophobic edge to this that I like. I can even tolerate the clean vocals without ripping my hair in total disgust. This I want to hear more of ( a four tracker isn’t enough). Anders Ekdahl

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