Tromort – “Creación Profana”


Tromort – “Creación Profana” (Mulligore Production)

Tromort are a Spanish old school death metal band who like to have as much fun at gigs as they do their love of metal apparently! Formed in 2009 in the Madrid area, they are something of a novelty in their city given the retro style they play, but fault it I certainly can’t, given they’ve studiously done their homework and added a contemporary edge to it all. Frontman Manolo growls and grunts his guts out like he’s eaten too much chorizo while the rest of the band pile in the heavy riffing and diddly dee melodies leaving little time for a siesta on songs like ‘La Última Guerra’, ‘Inocentes en mis Manos’ and ‘Y la Sangre Llegó al Río’. The soloing is where the difference is: surprising melodic with an almost rock feel at times although it too finally ends up bucking like a runaway bronco too. With the consuming rhythm leaving you feeling like you’ve been gorged and trampled by a bull, Tromort more than make up for their unoriginality with their brutality and authenticity – not forgetting that live show!

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