Truth Corroded – “The Saviours Slain”


Truth Corroded – “The Saviours Slain” (AFM Records)

Hailing from the serial killer state of South Australia, Truth Corroded’s aggro thrash isn’t dissimilar in its style either! Vicious whirring dervish riffs, hoarse glass gargled vocals and a pummeling rhythm stamp their authority all over songs like ‘Sea Of Flames’, ‘Last Of My Flesh’ and ‘They Are Horror’ which aren’t a million miles away from Lamb Of God or The Black Dahlia Murder. In between there are some very tasty melodies lacing the aggression, and most of all, the songs are commendably structured to be highly accessible and indeed, very catchy. It’s clear this maturity has been developed over time since the band’s beginnings in the late 90s when they were a metalcore band. Over the course of many line up changes the band have become solidified since 2005, releasing three albums and steadily growing their international fan base through consistent touring across Australia, Asia and Europe, supporting bands such as Fear Factory and Behemoth amongst many more. With Forbidden’s Craig Locicero and Malevolent Creation’s Bret Hoffman joining them as guests on this album, things look on the up and up for this down under band who won’t be there for much longer.

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