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Battle Helm Rating

Heavy clouds is what we have had all summer long here in Southern Sweden. The weather has been much better in the north where TUNGA MOLN comes from. Which is pretty fucked up because they have winter like 8 out of 12 months and we don’t have any winter. Which makes me wonder if TUNGA MOLN is some sort or reversed rain dance to make it rain here and the sun to shine there? Listening to TUNGA MOLN doesn’t bring a shine to your face, or does it? This is heavy yet not really stoner rock heavy, or is it? It ain’t doom either. Or is it? One thing is for sure. They sing in Swedish. And that alone brings a strange feel with it. You English speaking dudes and dudettes are used to it but for a Swede to hear a band sing in my native tongue is like hearing yourself on tape. It does not sound right. If I where to place this musically they’d end up at the early part of the 70s. There is that old Black Sabbath feel to it. One thing is certain though. This is some of the best retro hardrock I’ve heard in a long while now. TUNGA MOLN has managed to maintain that cool feeling from the 70s without sacrificing being in the now. Two thumbs up. Anders Ekdahl

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