“Christ Zero”
(Chaos Records)
I remember not being too impressed by Turbocharged’s last album I thought it sounded too much like Gehennah. A band that I wasn’t too impressed by in the 90s. But I also remember that there were parts of that album that showed promise. So hopefully this album will build on my positive impression rather than continue as a tired continuation of Gehennah. I’m not too sure that Turbocharged impresses more than they did on that first album. This is the kind of metal that I listen to when I can’t find anything else to listen to. It’s not my first choice if I have nothing else to listen to. And with that said this isn’t bad in any way. It is just that there are albums much better than this that I rather listen to. But then again, there is something to this album that isn’t too shabby. Give me some time with it and I might move it up on my list of albums to listen to. This is for all those of you who like The Crown and that sort of death metal. Anders Ekdahl

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