Tusmørke – “Underjordisk Tusmørke”

Tusmørke – “Underjordisk Tusmørke” (Termo Records)

OMG – Norwegian hippies! Formed in a commune in 1994 as they drank wine, smoked weed and jammed, the original Tusmørke packed their bongos and penny whistles and became Electric Tusmørke when Andy Handy-With-A-Knife joined in 1997. However, with more progressive influences – along with rabbits and magic creeping in – the band soon morphed into Les Fleurs Du Mal which lasted only one track, the 17 minute ‘Ode On Dawn’. And then, mysteriously, they were all gone! From abandoning music to studying ancient languages to sound engineering, the various members would remain dormant for the next decade until resurrected by long time members bassist / vocalist Benediktator and flautist Krizla who have re-recorded old songs like ‘Watching The Moon Sail Out Of The East’ to ‘Salomonsens Hage’. Musically it’s psychedelic, progressive folk-rock influenced by the likes of Gong, Caravan, Syd Barrett, Aleister Crowley and dare I say it – Burzum! Mellotrons, organs, flutes, folk percussion and naturally flower power vocals mellow out the trip into the Norwegian wilderness on a groove that is the heart of darkness, so prepare to join Tusmørke in their subterranean world of eternal twilight!

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