TUSMÖRKE “Den internasjonale bronsalderen”

“Den internasjonale bronsalderen”
This is a 12” from Norwegian act TUSMÖRKE. It only contains two tracks. I say this because there are people out there that do not know what a 12” is, let alone what the fuzz about vinyl is all about. I’ll tell you what the big deal is all about. Vinyl is da shit, period. Oh, was I supposed to talk about the music too? If you haven’t heard anything by TUSMÖRKE before you might want to brace yourself because this isn’t music for the faint hearted. If anything ever should be described as progressive then it should be TUSMÖRKE. You could say that it is because they are Norwegians but in all honesty this is something that I would have pegged as Danish if anything. But if you are of the more adventurous type you’ll find great pleasure in this trip. Anders Ekdahl

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