TUSMÖRKE “Fjernsyn I Farver”

“Fjernsyn I Farver”

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I remember that I was sent an album by TUSMÖRKE a long time ago and that I actually liked what I heard on that album. Then I lost touch with the band and it isn’t really until now that I pick up the thread again. This is a weird band. Not weird in a Frank Zappa way or Weird Al way but weird in that I don’t really know where I have them. In a way they make me think of the old Swedish duo Hansson och Karlsson, a prog rock act from the 70s. But this Oslo, Norway based band are an acquired taste. That is to say the least. You gotta love prog rock and you gotta love the 70s prog rock to really like this. I am not the greatest connoisseur of that genre but I gotta say that this is close to brilliant. Anders Ekdahl

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