Twilight Force – “Dawn Of The Dragonstar”

Twilight Force – “Dawn Of The Dragonstar” (Nuclear Blast)

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Inspired by early role playing games like “Dungeons & Dragons” in their garb and onstage props (not mention names like ‘Aerendir’ and ‘De’Azsh’), but musically by symphonic power metal comes the 3rd album from Twilight Force from Sweden! Formed just over a decade ago, and featuring prior guest vocalists in Sabaton’s Joakim Brodén and Tommy Johansson from Majestica, they now have renowned Alessandro Conti from Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody gracing their ranks for this mighty quest. Featuring majestic choirs, double bass drumming, blissful keyboards and metallic neo classical guitar wizardy from founders Philip Lindh and Daniel Beckman respectfully, prepare for breathtaking epic tales brimming with soaring passion and excitement as told by the flowing voice of Conti, impressing as always with his heart and highs. Thanks to the brilliant composing, each of the 10 songs is awash with addictive melodies and heart grabbing hooks, while the symphony adds its own splendour in the just the right measure to make for a thoroughly enjoyable and highly memorable listen, such that you’ll still be hearing these tunes long into the night! From the regal pomp and bombastic chorus lines of ‘Long Live The King’ to the soaring passion of ‘Night Of The Winterlight’ with its soprano choirs and neo classical guitars, “Dawn Of The Dragonstar” presents instant captivation although if you want something more grand, then try ‘Hydra’ with its moving orchestrals matched by Conti’s soul, very filmscore indeed as it steadily builds the emotion through its powerful atmospherics bolstered by choirs, church bells and an utterly massive chest beating chorus – yes!! And if you like it fast, then ‘Queen Of Eternity’ with its dancing neo classical guitars and harpsichord keys provides all the drama and catchiness thanks to its irresistible singalong chorus simply overflowing with majestic passion to break any heart. An utterly incredible release!

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