Twilight Force – “Heroes of Mighty Magic”


Twilight Force – “Heroes of Mighty Magic” (Nuclear Blast Records)

Battle Helm Rating

OMG. If you like weepy, happy clappy power metal telling tales of dreamy landscapes then Twilight Force definitely fit the bill – indeed, these Swedes actually call themselves adventure metal! With a 2014 debut and tours with Sonata Arctica and Gloryhammer already under their satin belts, now comes the glorious sophomore in “Heroes of Mighty Magic” and boy, the enchantment sounds better than any fantasy film! Mixing in elements of Rhapsody (both bands), Freedom Call and Angra expect angelically soulful vocals that could touch the heavens themselves from Chrileon, while the dual guitars of Lynd and Aerendir dish out the melodies and neo classical solos faster than a wizard could cast, all the while enhanced by even more pomp and melody from Blackwald’s keyboards – along with a fair amount of orchestration. What works for Twilight Force is that they don’t confine themselves or overdo any particular aspect of power metal, be it symphonic, epic, film score etc but take elements as where they want to compose unbelievably catchy and uplifting songs like ‘Rise Of A Hero’, ‘Battle Of Arcane Might’ and ‘Riders Of The Dawn’ – all backed of course by majestic choirs, church bells and even spoken narrations. Ably propelled by De’Azsh’s hyperspeed double bass drum work especially on the faster pieces, Twilight Force are certainly cheesy in some places but glorious and majestic elsewhere while being overall, irresistibly catchy throughout.

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