Twisted Sister – “Rock ‘N’ Roll Saviors – The Early Years”


Twisted Sister – “Rock ‘N’ Roll Saviors – The Early Years” 3CD (Cleopatra Records)

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Hot off the critically acclaimed “We Are Twisted F–king Sister!” documentary comes this exclusive limited edition deluxe box set of unreleased vintage live recordings taken from 1979 (Detroit) to 1980 (Hammerheads) culminating in their 1983 Donington Monsters of Rock set, prior to becoming the next MTV sensation. 37 tracks in all, including faves like ‘Shoot ‘Em Down’, ‘I Am I’m Me’ and ‘What You Don’t Know (Sure Can Hurt You)’ which I heard as a teen are all there in their live glory as played through JJ and Eddie’s razor sharp guitars, with Mark and the late AJ Pero ramming home the rhythm and of course, not forgetting the stage struttin’, non stop talking Dee Snider, who caused as much uproar as he did joy – judging by the raucous response from the Donington crowd! Packaged in a lavish, red velvet-lined box with custom red lipstick and pop up mirror just in case you wanted to try matching the cross dressing grossness of the band, thankfully the colour 20 page booklet, 3 signature guitar picks, and a backstage pass give you something more respectable to hold onto!

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