Tyfon’s Doom – “Yeth Hound”


Tyfon’s Doom – “Yeth Hound” EP (Gates Of Hell Records)

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If you’re a fan of true metal or traditional heavy metal then Tyfon’s Doom will be to your calling! A one man project formed by Finland’s Tommy Varsala, who clearly personifies the spirit of true heavy metal, his vision has been captured here by the terrific music of Tyfon’s Doom. Right off I will say there is a very DIY feel to the album, but rather than sounding unprofessional, it gives a dated sound to the music which ironically reflects the time when this style was all too common! While there is a undoubted early Maiden influence, in the main Varsala has made some original compositions which he’s executed respectably through his respectable guitar work that really brings out the passion of songs like ‘Rapid Revival’, ‘Gate to New Reality’ and my personal fave, the hugely catchy ‘Still Here’. Blending power melodies with hard rocking riffs into memorable mini epics is undoubtedly Varsala’s strength, and while his distant-in-the-mix singing may be unpolished, it once again ironically sits well on the 9 tracks here, which also includes his “2015 Demo”, making this 300 copy limited edition EP another sought after addition to the non gigging one man mystique of the very underground Tyfon’s Doom.

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