Tyketto – “Strength In Numbers Live”

Tyketto – “Strength In Numbers Live” (Frontiers Music)
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Once heralded as one of Geffen Record’s happening bands at the turn of the 90s, that was certainly proven by Tyketto’s amazing debut “Don’t Come Easy” containing the hit single ‘Forever Young’. However, the rise of grunge saw the band’s hopes of a big breakthrough begin to recede with the changing musical landscape, even with the release of a sterling sophomore in “Strength In Numbers”, and the band broke up a few years later. In 2004, however, Tyketto reunited for a few live dates which have since grown yearly into even more reunion concerts, 2 new studio albums, festival appearances at Hard Rock Hell and the Monsters Of Rock Cruise – not forgetting full blown European tours where the band have always been remembered! Following the success of 2017’s “Live In Milan” comes “Strength In Numbers Live”, celebrating the 25th year anniversary release of their second album, which while being well recognised at the time, never got the justice of big time success for this truly talented band. As such, this live release, which contains all 12 songs plus ‘Wait Forever’, a song that was written during the recording session of that album but never recorded or released, goes a long way to not only re-capture lost times and past glories, but also serves as a testament to the timeless appeal of Tyketto’s music itself, not forgetting the composing brilliance and musicianship of original members Danny Vaughn (vocals, guitar) and drummer Michael Clayton. Recorded on the last night of the tour, the Glasgow crowd are clearly up for hoot in the mix of power and light ballads, neither of which lack in their emotional appeal whatsoever, be it on the truly moving ‘Standing Alone’, where you can hear the passion in Vaughn’s vocals and equally touching guitar work, or the more anthemic ‘Write Your Name In The Sky’ with its killer singalong chorus. Rocking out more on ‘Catch My Fall’ with its instant hooks and melodies matched by more soulful guitars, the air punching chorus shout out is saved for ‘Meet Me In The Night’, contrasting brilliantly with the tender tones of the rest of the song. Undeniably 80s and unashamedly so, Tyketto bring back all the memories once more in another blinder of a live album!
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