Tyla J. Pallas – “Devils Supper (Electric Sitting)”

Tyla J. Pallas – “Devils Supper (Electric Sitting)” (Cargo Records)

The Dogs D’Amour were a Brit rock n roll band in the early 80s who encompassed a variety of sounds from street glam punk to blues based rock to The Rolling Stones and even country elements. They went on to be big and as typifies rock n rollers imploded spectacularly onstage in LA at the end of the 80s. Despite short lived attempts to reignite the band, faith in them has never been doubted by their fans judging by recent sellout shows. Front man Tyla is still at the mike, and in between the Dogs has also been active on the solo front. Originally released as an acoustic recorded in someone’s shed, “Devils Supper” is now electrified and is 15 tracks of pure Tyla and 80s Dogs D’Amour – it’s like they never went away from the Jagger-esque ‘Long Shadows’ to the awesome slide western geetar of ‘Judas Christ’ to cruisin’ with heart ‘In Another Life’. Omnipresent through out is Tyla’s deep brooding voice, which considering it doesn’t vary a great deal between the widely different styles of his material speaks bunches about both his composing and throat – no more so than on the moving tribute to Scottish folk musician Jackie Leven. I thoroughly enjoyed this album both for it’s laid back groove but also its addictiveness and although never a Dogs D’Amour fan I have to say that after listening to the electrifying “Devils Supper” I’ll definitely have some time for Tyla now…..

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