OK, another Russian band that I have no info whatsoever about. Just the music to go by. The first couple of notes made me think that this was going to be some sort of cool electro metal hybrid now that my hopes for a Type O Negative kind of groove was out of the picture. And while it has traces of electro it still isn’t what I had hoped for. At least not the first track. Perhaps this is too Russian for me to fully understand. Perhaps this is the kind of stuff the Russians dance to when they go to underground clubs. But to my surprise this got better with the second track. I could very well imagine that this would even make the goth/underground clubs of Germany move. I have no problem whatsoever with this kind of stuff. I even think that I’ve fallen for Type V Blood. This managed to trigger emotions in me that had been dormant for a very long time. But a computer might not be the right forum to listen to this stuff on. It should be heard on loud speakers in a dark and sweaty club full of dancing people. It might even get me to dance like there is no tomorrow. Anders Ekdahl

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