TYRANEX “Extermination Has Begun”

“Extermination Has Begun”
(Infernö Records)
I’ve been following Tyranex for some years now. What strikes me is that they have stubbornly stuck to what they believe in no matter the obstacles. That to me is dedication. And finally it’s paid off with the release of their debut album. Tyranex are thrash metal the way thrash metal was played by bands like Holy Terror, Defiance etc. Thrash from the second wave. A bit dirtier and with an edge the big four came to lack. This is dirty, raw and in your face thrash metal that leave you feeling like you’ve been fighting a bear. No fancy melodies or flashy song structures. Just pure unadulterated fun for the whole thrashing dollar. What else could be better? You just gotta like Tyranex. Anders Ekdahl

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