TYRANT DISCIPLE “Weight Of Oblivion”

“Weight Of Oblivion”
(Inverse Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I am not saying that this is a total Destruction of the 80s rip off. But is does have that vibe of full on thrash that bands like Kreator and Destruction had in the 80s. And since I love that stuff I find this Finnish band to be a treat of greater proportions. This is full on from the word go. A bit like “Reign In Blood” was over 30 minutes. This album is a bit longer, 39 mins, but still as intense. If you can take that kind of intensity you will find this highly entertaining. This is equal parts thrash and death metal. The mix is done so well that you don’t really care which part is which. You just go for the throat all the way till the end. Anders Ekdahl

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