Tyrant Disciple – “Weight Of Oblivion”

Tyrant Disciple – “Weight Of Oblivion” (Inverse Records) 

Battle Helm Rating

Bark blasting death / thrash from Finland! Well worth the wait comes the debut from Tyrant Disciple, who’ve taken almost 10 years to arrive at this debut, but boy, what a blitzer it is. Still with 3/4 of their original line up, it would seem that work commitments were the main cause of the delays, with various drafted members unable to stay the course although the band continued to gig regularly in Finland, hence the incredible performances making up “Weight Of Oblivion”. This is a super charged album with all the band going at it like rabid dogs on a feeding frenzy from start to finish on the 10 tracks here. But equally, all the years waiting have resulted in some incredible material, rehearsed time and again and honed to perfection. As such, besides the obvious energy and aggression, there are also plenty of hooks and power melodies, arranged with intelligence along with a considered use of varying tempos and the odd bit of ambience to make all the songs catchy and highly memorable. Sami Risku’s vocals are also tuned to accuracy, not quite death nor thrashy, but an excellent mix of the two and naturally complementing the music. With fearsome speed and capable of producing some incredible blast beats, the band also have a massively menacing sound making them more than able to stand their ground against the heavy weights in both the death and thrash leagues. Likewise, Kari Lehtinen drops in an occasional virtuoso break and spiralling solos in between his jumping riffola and chundering riffing, clearly proving a lot of hidden talent beyond the obvious brutality driven by Jussi Samppala’s hyperspeed drum frenzy. With massive, crashing waves of powering riff and interwoven melody dancing around it so blissfully, Risku hoarsely demands the listener to ‘rise’ before screaming and roaring as the guitars whirr away evilly but also beautifully as Tyrant Disciple mix it up magnificently on ‘The Great Dead One’. Increasing the double bass drumming speed on ‘Peace Of Violence’, the malevolence of the guitars is like an ominous over hang and when the power chords strike as Risku’s throat raw screams for ‘..more violence! more violence!!..’ hit home you can just thank god he’s not inciting a riot! Whirring with even more intensity on the aptly titled ‘Enternal Burn’, the chopping frenzy couldn’t be greater as the massive chords rain down once more as Samppala hits the blast button brilliantly thundering away in unison unto the end – phew! An utterly excellent if breathtaking experience, after years in the making “Weight Of Oblivion” is nothing short of gold!

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