U.D.O. – “Decadent”


U.D.O. – “Decadent” (AFM Records)

Grandaddy metal’s back! Mr Udo Dirkschneider is a man I greatly respect – right from the off in his Accept days when he thrust a mike into my face to singalong to ‘Fast As A Shark’ ha ha! Since then he’s carved his own solo career after more than 40 years in the business, touring across the world and playing in places like Russia long before they opened up as markets for rockers. Now onto his 15th album, “Decadent” sees him reflect upon the past in singing about the ostentatiously luxurious lifestyles and personalities of the super rich. Certainly a topical theme at the moment, it’s reflected in his poignant lyrics like on ‘Breathless’ where he screams ‘…look at the world, it’s falling out of control!!…’ in wanting to incite revolution! Musically it’s no different to his trademark sound and of course, his distinct cat purr / scream vocals, which still remain in fine form despite him being aged 62. With the album balancing hard rock in its earlier half on songs like ‘Pain’ driven by its suave guitar melodies, the more metallic Accept stuff is to be found in the latter part on the likes of ‘Rebels Of The Night’ but overall, my feeling is that this is a thinking album reflected by its social conscience where Udo wants his fans to do the same rather than being another high speed ball buster that he is more renowned for. With a monster tour set to back him, “Decadent” sees Udo take on the world again as the grandaddy master of metal!

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