UADA “Cult Of A Dying Sun”

“Cult Of A Dying Sun”
(Eisenwald Records)

Battle Helm Rating

UADA is a band that I would love to see live. I think that that would be a really massive experience. A total blast fest. Because this second album, the follow up to 2016’s “Devoid Of Light” is a total mayhemic beast of an album. Listening to this is like a major work out, or like going ten rounds against The Maulder. In a way this reminds me of an Amon Amarth. Melodic black metal is very much an oxymoron but in this case it fits the music. This is melodic black metal the way Amon Amarth is melodic death metal. This US band has managed to create an album that really rocks the socks. Anders Ekdahl

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