UDO – “Live In Sofia”

UDO – “Live In Sofia” CD/DVD (AFM Records)

Holy crap – Bulgaria rocks – from the roar of the crowd you’d think the whole damn country was there! Filmed in the capital city of that tucked away Eastern European country, it’s been 7 long years since the ubermeister himself – ex Accept vocalist Udo Dirkschneider – and his crew hit Sofia and the hunger in the 2,000 strong crowd is evident. Chanting ‘Udo, Udo’ to the sound of ‘Dominator’, these crazy Bulgars provided the backing chorus to ‘Princess Of The Dawn’ and could’ve shouted down the Berlin Wall in ‘Balls To The Wall’ no less. With 2 encores including ‘I’m A Rebel’ the band burned thru 24 numbers no less and it’s nice to see that metal grandad UDO still does those old Accept numbers true justice so no wonder the baying crowd kept the band there 2 and a half hours – yeah, it was one of THOSE shows!

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