UFO – “Seven Deadly”

UFO – “Seven Deadly” (Steamhammer/SPV)

Holy crap, these guys started in 1969 – making the band 43 years old, although the guys themselves are decidedly older! However, like a vintage wine, age has made them all the more reason to savor. Amazingly still with 3/4 of their classic line-up i.e. Phil Moog, Andy Parker, Paul Raymond, what is even more endearing about this seminal hard rock band is how the sound on this album has reverted to those early years, incorporating a blues feel on ‘Year Of The Gun’ that was very much that era along with bands like Deep Purple. Ever the ones to surprise people, these pensioners even manage to sound heavier on ‘Mojo Town’ than I remember on previous albums with all the band in fine form and Moog’s voice on ‘Fight Night’ sounding just like it did when I heard him on “Strangers In The Night” back in the 70s! Special mention goes to the ‘new’ kid Vinnie Moore, who has had some big shoes to fill be it in Michael Schenker and Tonka Chapman, but his guitar work on this album has been exemplary, incorporating elements of both these legends while defining himself in his own right, yet within that aforementioned UFO sound. With a flower power cover to boot, UFO have returned to their roots – now go wake the dead.

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