I used to be down with most of the Baltic underground scene in the 90s/early 00s but lately I’ve seen to have lost touch with it. Which makes this Lithuanian band such a relief. Now I’ll get to rediscover one of the scenes in the Baltic all over again. This is as quirky as I kinda expected it to be. If you like your black metal orthodox then this won’t be the band for you. But if you like your black metal to take unexpected twists and turns on its way from A to B then you might enjoy this trip. I can be as adventurous as the next guy but at times it is too much even for me. UVIKRA are borderline what I can take as it twists and turns a bit too much for me to fully follow it. It kinda reminds of an older Baltic band that kinda moves in the same pattern as this. I had a hard time with that band too as I have a hard time with this. Anders Ekdahl

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