Ulcer – “Grant Us Death”

Ulcer – “Grant Us Death” (Pulverised Records)

Fuck me, how heavy is that guitar – if Tony Iommi’s inner demon burst forth, it would probably look like – well, an ulcer lol! Steeped in down trodden misery comes Poland’s answer to Dismember, early Celtic Frost or Nihilist, and hail from Lublin – the same city that the Nazis used to plan the extermination of the Jews in Eastern Europe – nuff said! Guttural vocals, slime pit filthy distorted guitars, barren wasteland bass and drums that could herald a blitzkrieg shatter any semblance of hope on songs like ‘My Lord Has Horns’, ‘When The Horror Comes’ and – wait for it, ‘The Love Song’ heh heh – which is about as romantic as getting executed at dawn. Brilliantly conceived thru starvation and natural social deprivation, Ulcer even look like psycho junkies and brutal prison guards stalking their victims like slavering wolves looking to send them to a mass grave. Pray for death after this one.

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