ULTRA-VIOLENCE “Privilege To Overcome”

“Privilege To Overcome”
Yeah, I know what you are thinking. A Death Angel tribute band. This band’s name might be the title of Death Angel’s debut but seeing how great that album is I see no problems at all with this band’s name. In fact I see it more as an homage to a great band. But sound wise this is more along the lines of early thrash like we heard it from the German bands. A frenetic riffing and an aggressive vocal style along with some really heavy mosh parts. And not getting too nostalgic or revising history too much this is some pretty cool thrash metal the way it has always been cool. Still to this day I take out my German thrash albums and enjoy them as much as I did back in the days. This is the kind of thrash that never goes out of style. Anders Ekdahl

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