ULVEHARR “Swords Of Midgard”

“Swords Of Midgard”
I’m a huge fan of the Viking era of Bathory. I cannot get enough of those albums and I play them over and over again. I don’t know if I’ll play ULVEDHARR’s album over and over again but I do hope that I’ll be taken on a journey far back in time when I listen to this album. Don’t ask me to label this pagan, heathen or folk. Or even Viking. I can’t tell them all apart. I’ll just settle for calling this metal with a Norse feeling lyrically and song title wise. But I do get a kind of thrash feel to the music and that alone makes for a welcomed surprise. Not knowing anything about this band and not having any preconceived notion of what to expect this turned out so much more fun than I thought at first. I might not spin it as often as my Bathory albums but I will surely play it over and over again. Anders Ekdahl

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