ULVERHEIM “När Dimman Lättar”

“När Dimman Lättar”
Swedish black metal is something to worship by. Has been since that very first Bathory album back in the days. I don’t know if it is just me but whenever I see an album title in Swedish I kinda get a feeling that this will be another ode to the nature and its many different souls. Not that I mind. I like the “folkish” elements of bands like Arckanum or Finntroll (although they are Finns). Done right the combination of nature and black metal is as good as any other mixture found in Metalville. Not that there’s that much of nature present in Ulverheim’s music as in their name and artwork. This is black metal as primitive as the original human being. There’s an old school feeling to the simplicity of “När Dimman Lättar” that is refreshingly old. Nothing fancy, just black metal in all its simple glory. Anders Ekdahl

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