Un – “The Tomb of All Things”


Un – “The Tomb of All Things” (Black Bow Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Stunningly bleak Seattle funeral doom! Formed by vocalist /guitarist Monte McCleery (who’s also the bassist of Samothrace), the primordially named Un take on the usual trademark standards of plodding depressive doom with a gargantuan riffs, reverberating bass, stone heavy drum work, and visceral vocals that match their name to a tee. Of course, McCleery brilliantly contrasts the somberness with some blinding guitar work ranging from dark clanging melodies to some deathly beautiful soloing. Beyond that, Un’s collective talent can be further felt in the stylish way they have incorporated the massive riffing styles of post metal and even shoegaze to add to their crushing wall of sound. However, the real measure can be felt when this all comes together on the album’s five dark 10 min+ epics that besides their haunting immensity, produce a powerfully rich atmosphere that is emotionally reaching in its desolation, especially on the more quieter passages in between the brutality. With abyssal depth, songs like ‘Forgotten Path‘, ‘Through The Luminous Dusk‘ and ‘The Tomb Of All Things‘ build on many layers and McCleery once again deserves commendation in his composition for realizing (and undoubtedly releasing) some seriously charged feelings from his black soul in the recording of this impressive debut. Without even needing a second thought, this is the (funeral) doom album of the year.

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