Unborn Generation – “Vøid”

Unborn Generation – “Vøid” (Inverse Records) 

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Oh wow, ever considered what would happen if you mix old school Swe-deth with metalcore – well, Unborn Generation is the answer! Actually hailing from Finland, this trio inject the fire into the cold and darkness of their homeland, while adding their neighbours penchant for dirty death n roll on this mean ass 6th release. Formed by the Huttunen brothers – Herkko (guitar / vocals) and Eetu (drums) – in 2002, along with Arto Kettunen on bass, Unborn Generation became a 3 piece when longtime vocalist Juho-Pekka Airaksinen left them only last year. Still, it doesn’t seem noticeable at least from the 13 furious tracks here that show a solid core at the heart of this trio, who are more than able to smash it. From throat raw hoarse screams to thick, filthy guitar and even more distorted bass accompanied by mental drumming, it’s the subtle melodies and rolling grooves that add the class to the harsh but extremely catchy riffs on show here. Beyond that, the intelligent arrangements allow the hooks to really sink in, creating a truly violent atmosphere across the album very much comparable to bands like Nails. From the blast beating intensity of the 49 sec ‘Succubus’, the massive sliding punk riffs cascade up and down to brutal but blissful effect reaching a fever pitch of shouted out frenzy while the longer ‘Diehard’ pretty much spoke for itself, a hugely cool and catchy number with its heavy twanging bass leading the death n roll vibe as Herkko Huttunen drawled out the title track chorus amid his guitar set on maximum overdrive right up to the double bass pedalling ending – yeh! Ending with ‘Void’, its dark but ambient beginnings belied the brooding menace of this murderous track, become slowly evident as the rest of the instruments waded in their sheer power and crushing brutality to superb effect. Clearly not a band to be taken lightly, “Vøid” impressively blends two savage styles into one fearsome beast with no leftovers!

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