UNCHAINED “Oncoming Chaos”

“Oncoming Chaos”
(M&O Music)
I have a fascination with words and the way they are used as band names. The first impression you get about a band is the name. Wrong name and you might just kill you band. With the right name and you could be onto a winner. Unchained might have made me think of a tribute band to the Canadian muscle man Thor the first time I saw it but I was quickly put straight by this French band. This might have as much muscles as Thor but that is the only thing they have in common. This is the kind of extreme metal that you find in the twilight zone between death and thrash. Perhaps closet to Arch Enemy in sound than any other band out there today. This quickly turned into a new highlight on my metal map. This I can bop my head to all day long. Anders Ekdahl

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