UNCONSECRATED ”Awakening In The Cemetary Grave”

”Awakening In The Cemetary Grave”
Spanish death metal has come and gone in periods for me. In the late 90s I came upon a bunch of them but for most part of the 00s and now well into the 10s my contacts with Spanish death metal has been miniscule. Unconsecrated might not change that fact too much seeing as this is a retrospective collection of the stuff they did do before calling it a day. Not having any first hand memories of this band all I have to go on is what is written in the booklet. What I can say is that this is heavy death metal much like Bolt Thrower without the up tempo bits or perhaps with a touch of Necrophagia in their early years. This is death metal that sounds so familiar it is like you’re meeting an old friend you haven’t met in years. This is death metal that is so timeless that you don’t have to know its origin to fully appreciate it. This is the good stuff no matter the age of it. Anders Ekdahl

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