”Flood To Euthanasia”
With a name like that this has the potential of being anything from pure grindcore to the most tech metal you can imagine or complicated math metal. I would like to keep my mind open for this one and not make up any sort of assumptions before I got a chance to listen to it. As I have close to none reference points when it comes to tech/math metal all I can go on is my gut feeling. That Meshuggah are the gods to worship I don’t doubt for a single minute. UD have a sound that to me sounds like it is somewhere between grindcore, death metal and Meshuggah. It is heavy, it twist and it seems impenetrable for the untrained listener. But once you get under the skin of the band you find that this isn’t as massively unlistenable as I at first thought. Not the stuff that I listen to all day long but when it does come my way I enjoy it. As I do with this record. Anders Ekdahl

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