Undead Creep – “The Ever-Burning Torch”

Undead Creep
“The Ever-Burning Torch”
(Dark Descent)

These guys might hail from the Mafia capital of the world – Palermo – but they are clearly worshipers of early death metal whether it’s the US or Swe-death variety! Dirty, crunching guitars with tons of reverb, cave bear growling vocals and blast beat rhythms reminiscent of Death, Grave and Dismember will have you thrashing madly to claw your way outta the coffin to the sounds of ‘Swallowed by the Chasm’, ‘Survive the Aftermath’, and ‘Surrounded by Tombs’. In addition to the 10 tracks herein, Undead Creep have also included their 2009 EP making a total of 14 tracks that although primitive, are incredibly powerful and ultimately irresistible!

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