UNDERGANG “Misantropologi”

(Dark Descent Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I have only fond memories of this Danish death metal band. Last time I encountered them they brought up memories of Bolt Thrower’s first album “In Battle There is No Law” as well as a host of other cool bands. Don’t know what they’ll awake in my memory bank this time but I am sure excited to find out. This is really heavy and shitty and gritty and not nice at all but oh so fucking good. If you like your death metal polished you better stay away from this. But if you like to get down’n’dirty you have your hands full with this album. This is like a blast to the 90s. Think early Finnish death metal mixed with the US version of the same time and you get a pretty good idea what this is all about. Not so much “Boss Heavy Metal pedal” as the Swedish sound of the 90s but still cool as fuck. Anders Ekdahl

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