UNDERGANG “Till Döden Os Skiller”

“Till Döden Os Skiller”
(Xtreem Music)
”-Naer smager en Tuborg best? Hver gang.” (google it). Whenever I hear a Danish metal album I get a big grin on my face. Having grown up with having to go to Denmark to see the big metal acts on tour has brought with it a special relationship to Denmark and its metal scene. That one of the greatest bands ever is Danish doesn’t hurt (Mercyful Fate). Undergang’s death metal is so cool in all its murkiness. This is so rotten and raw that it brought back memories of hearing Bolt Thrower or Autopsy for the first time. Bands that I still hold high 20 odd years later. Don’t know if Undergang will be with me for 20 years but for now I’ll take whatever they have for me. This is so heavy and rumbling that you just gotta love it. This is death metal that is so dirty and basic that you feel like being buried six feet under without a casket. This is my new Danish favourite. Anders Ekdahl

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