UNEARTHED ELF “Into the Catacomb Abyss”

“Into the Catacomb Abyss”

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You can laugh at the people that Cosplay or goes to Comicons dressed as their favourite characters but is takes a massive amount of dedication to do what they do. And for that alone they should be celebrated. What has that got to do with UNEARTHED ELF you might think? Probably nothing but when I saw the cover to this album I immediately came to think of Cosplay and Comicons. UNEARTHED ELF is a doomy kind of metal band (one man project). Not doomy in the Candlemass kinda way but much more in a Novembers Doom meets Trouble kinda way. As I love anything doom I have no problems liking this album. there is a vibe to it that suits me. Anders Ekdahl

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